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CHILDHOOD I was born in Pembury, Kent, England as youngest of three boys. After moving away at the age of two, I spent ten years on a farm in the wonderful countryside of Surrey, at the foot of Leith Hill with its famous tower. I will never forget romping around in the woods with our dog, creating adventures with my playmates and stalking the abundant wildlife till the sun went down. 

ADOLESCENCE At the age of twelve my parents decided to move back to my mother’s home in Switzerland after spending most of thirty years in England. As we had spent every other summer holiday in Switzerland it wasn’t too much of an uprooting for me. I traded the sprawling fields and rolling hills of the North Downs for the lakes and mountains of the densely populated alpine region of northern Switzerland. There I completed my education and delved into electronics engineering, which led to my current day job in the IT world.

ADULTHOOD Meanwhile I’ve lived in a few rural places around Zurich, ending up in my wife’s childhood home together with our daughter and son. In our spacious converted barn I have a large loft I use as studio, with a wonderful view to the nearby hills. 

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